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Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada

Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada

The Silver State is home to Las Vegas, the gambling capital. There is a lot of money in Las Vegas. But this is not the case for the entire state. Nevada battles with crime, mainly theft and property crimes. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and National Crime Survey data show that Nevada is regularly one of the ten most dangerous states in the country, coming in second place in recent years.

Here is the list of the 5 most dangerous cities in Nevada that have used data from the FBI’s most recent violent crime figures. Scroll down and see the most dangerous cities in Nevada.

Las Vegas

The gambling city is the most dangerous in Nevada. The high crime rate in the city can be attributed to the gambling industry and drug trafficking. It is impossible to resist the charm of the city, but it makes it completely unsafe.

The crime rate in Las Vegas is 398.4, which is 195.8 times higher than the average in the United States. There is a 1 in 118 chance that you will be a victim of a serious crime in Las Vegas. So, always keep a check on your surroundings and keep yourself and your gambling money safe in Las Vegas.

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Carlin is the second-most dangerous place to live in Nevada. There are 369.4 crimes per 100,000 people in Carlin, which is 166.8 more than the national rate. With 2,457 people living there, the FBI reported this city as a very dangerous city to reside in Nevada. Gang activity and drug trafficking account for the majority of crimes in this city.

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The small town of Lovelock is on Interstate 80. This small town has a very serious crime rate, which makes it the most dangerous place in Nevada. Ahhh….. Don’t go by the name. The name of the town can grab your attention, but you also need to know that 63.45 crimes have been committed against every 1,000 people in the town of 1,800. Its low household income of $42,000, which is also the lowest on this list, is the major cause of its high crime rate.

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With just a small population of over 7,000, this small town is one of the most dangerous cities in Nevada. Approximately 35.86 violent crimes happened for every 1000 people. This town has gained notoriety for witnessing all sorts of crimes, be it kidnapping, sex crimes, arson, car thefts, and drug felonies. Winnemucca has battled drug addiction for a long time, which can be a factor in the high rate of property crime in the town.

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North Las Vegas

Because of its high rate of crime, North Las Vegas is yet another of Nevada’s most dangerous places to live. Located in Clark County, this city has a significant population of over 300,000. The overall crime rate is 78% higher than the national average. Although property crime is greater than the national average, violent crime is not a significant concern. The most prevalent crimes in the city are personal and property theft.


A new study from the Nevada Department of Public Safety says that there is a violent crime in Nevada every 25 minutes and 55 seconds. The study also says that violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and trafficking of people have gone up by 13% in Nevada since last year.

Therefore, it is very crucial to ensure your safety. So wherever you go, keep a check on your surroundings and always be attentive. I hope this list will help you understand the most targeted areas of crime in Nevada.

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