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Degree Requirement Removed From 170 State Job Posts in California Amid Rising Unemployment

Degree Requirement Removed From 170 State Job Posts in California Amid Rising Unemployment

California has recently made changes to educational requirements for 169 government jobs, coinciding with the state’s current challenges of rising unemployment, declining labor participation, and a labor shortage. Several states, including Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, have also implemented reduced educational attainment requirements for state jobs in order to address long-standing job vacancies.

The California Department of Human Resources announced that, in accordance with the Governor’s directive, employment barriers have been eliminated from 169 job classifications that do not require a degree or other educational qualifications. “This will create more opportunities and increase access to high-paying jobs in government service.”

In a recent development, Governor Gavin Newsom has taken a significant step by signing an executive order. This order mandates CalHR to assess the necessity of a college degree for a specific position during its classification review. Additionally, the “Governor’s Council for Postsecondary Education” has been renamed to the “Governor’s Council for Career Education,” aligning with the state’s focus on alternative career paths that do not require a college education.

State Republicans have expressed their support for the measure, highlighting the potential of alternative paths to a four-year college degree. They emphasize that these alternatives can lead to fulfilling and lucrative careers in fields with high demand.

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Many people mistakenly believe that success can only be achieved through a four-year college degree. Technical and trade careers offer equal financial opportunities and personal fulfillment. According to State Sen. Brian Dahle, R-Bieber, the demand for skilled workers in industries like construction, manufacturing, and healthcare is increasing.

Moreover, these highly skilled workers are responsible for constructing and upkeeping essential infrastructure, including roads and bridges, which are vital to our daily lives. It is clear that there is a significant shortage of labor in California, and it is crucial that we take action to eliminate any obstacles that hinder the recruitment and retention of workers.

California has now joined several other states in removing degree requirements for a wide range of government positions. January 2024 data from recruitment platform ZipRecruiter reveals that government jobs in California offer an average annual salary of $111,224.

The 25th percentile pay stands at $92,800, while the 75th percentile pay reaches $130,800 per year. With a median household income of $83,500, it’s clear that a single typical state government job in California earns considerably more than the combined annual income of the average two-income households.

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