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Dead Human Remains Found on Miami Beach; Police Start Investigation

Dead Human Remains Found on Miami Beach; Police Start Investigation

Miami, FL: An investigation is currently being conducted following the discovery of fetal remains that washed ashore on Miami Beach on Tuesday.

Miami Beach Police have reported that detectives have responded to a death investigation in the 7900 block of the beach. It has been confirmed that the discovered remains are of a fetus.

Video captured by Chopper 6 revealed officers carefully handling the remains and securing the surrounding area.

An intriguing incident unfolded around 1:30 p.m., with a radio call promptly alerting the police dispatch.

“Please send police to 79th Street on the beach.” The individual on the radio call reports the discovery of what appears to be a fetus that has washed up ashore.

Authorities have indicated that several aspects of the case remain uncertain, such as the identity of the mother.

“The involvement of the mother, if any, in this case, remains unknown,” stated Miami Beach Police Officer Christopher Bess. “The situation is surrounded by uncertainty and many unanswered questions.”

After a considerable delay, the medical examiner finally arrived and promptly collected the remains, which were then transported for further examination.

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