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Daughter Killed Mother after Argument; Ran Over Cops; Authorities Nabbed Her after Brief Chase in Ohio

Daughter Killed Mother after Argument; Ran Over Cops; Authorities Nabbed Her after Brief Chase in Ohio

A tragic incident occurred in Ohio, where a young woman is now facing a murder charge. It is alleged that she was involved in a fatal incident in her home’s garage, resulting in the loss of her mother’s life.

Authorities in Miami Township, a suburb of Cincinnati, were called to a residence on Deerhaven Court over the weekend to address a domestic dispute involving a mother and daughter. Upon the arrival of law enforcement, they observed a woman, later identified as Joyce Millette, trapped against the wall of a garage by a vehicle. The car, with its horn blaring, caused damage to a section of the wall.

Anna Millette was discovered by two officers sitting in the driver’s seat. They attempted to extract her from the vehicle in order to reach the injured party. Body camera footage revealed that the officers observed her preparing to depart.

Anna Millette reportedly reversed the car forcefully, causing one of the officers to be knocked over. According to authorities, she quickly accelerated from the driveway and onto the street, leaving with a screech of tires. She was pursued by the police and ultimately had a collision on I-275 near Loveland.

Police apprehended her by using a taser, according to law enforcement officials. She was taken to the hospital by first responders. Joyce Millette was quickly taken to the hospital, where doctors later confirmed her passing.

Minor injuries reported among officers in the garage. Authorities have not disclosed the motive behind the daughter’s alleged criminal act, although it is worth noting that this is not the first time she has faced accusations of vehicular assault.

Officers in Miami Township were called to a residence on Deerhaven Court on May 28, 2022, after a man was hit by a car. Upon the arrival of law enforcement, a 19-year-old individual was discovered with a severe head injury, as stated in a criminal complaint. He claimed that Anna Millette intentionally struck him with her vehicle after their breakup.

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A witness informed the authorities that the man was strolling through a yard when Anna Millete allegedly passed by him. According to the complaint, she reportedly made a sudden U-turn and proceeded to drive into the yard at a high speed, ultimately striking the man who was standing there.

According to Law&Crime, she proceeded to drive to a nearby residence and entered the premises while expressing her anger towards the man.

Officers attempted to persuade Millette to exit the premises, but she adamantly declined. Consequently, they were compelled to secure a warrant in order to enter the residence and apprehend her. According to records, she has been charged with multiple serious offenses, including felonious assault, aggravated vehicular assault, and leaving the scene of an accident.

In January 2023, she pleaded guilty to felonious assault and was subsequently sentenced to jail. According to court records, she was released in August and was scheduled to be on probation until October.

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