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Daughter Gave Mom Butcher Knife to Rip Baby out from Teen Mother’s Womb after Strangling Her to Death in Chicago; Gets 30 Years in Jail after Plea Deal

Daughter Gave Mom Butcher Knife to Rip Baby out from Teen Mother’s Womb after Strangling Her to Death in Chicago; Gets 30 Years in Jail after Plea Deal

Chicago, IL: A woman from Chicago has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to assisting her mother in the murder of a pregnant teenager in 2019. The gruesome crime involved the use of a butcher knife to remove the baby from the victim’s womb.

Desiree Figueroa, 29, admitted to the crime of murder in January, acknowledging her involvement in the tragic incident that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez. She had agreed to provide testimony against her mother, who was sentenced in April after also admitting guilt for the crime of murder.

According to prosecutors, Clarisa Figueroa allegedly used a cable to strangle Ochoa-Lopez on April 23, 2019. She had enticed the teenager to her home by offering free clothing for her unborn child. Ochoa-Lopez was in the final stages of her pregnancy.

Clarisa Figueroa made a distress call to 911, reporting that she had recently given birth and that the baby was not breathing.

The child passed away approximately two months later.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Desiree Figueroa informed the police that she had to separate Ochoa-Lopez’s fingers from the cable during a struggle. She then provided her mother with a knife to open Ochoa-Lopez’s abdomen and extract the baby. The plea agreement she reached with prosecutors had originally stipulated a 30-year sentence.

Authorities have reported that shortly after the passing of Clarisa Figueroa’s adult son due to natural causes, she informed her family of her pregnancy. According to reports, she allegedly planned for an extended period of time to obtain a newborn.

Additionally, she shared an ultrasound image and pictures of a baby-decorated room on her Facebook page. In March 2019, she and Ochoa-Lopez made a connection on a Facebook page for expectant mothers.

Investigators discovered that Ochoa-Lopez had visited the residence of Clarisa Figueroa while looking into her disappearance. After two weeks had passed, authorities discovered her vehicle parked in the vicinity. Desiree Figueroa informed the police that her mother had recently welcomed a new addition to the family.

Subsequent DNA tests revealed that the child did not belong to Clarisa Figueroa.

The body of Ochoa-Lopez was discovered in a garbage can outside the Figueroa residence.

Yovany Lopez, who was married to Ochoa-Lopez and was the baby’s father, expressed his inability to be present in the courtroom with Desiree Figueroa during her sentencing.

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