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Dad Kills two Daughters after he set Car on Fire with Toddlers in Georgia

Dad Kills two Daughters after he set Car on Fire with Toddlers in Georgia

Webster County, GA: Authorities in Georgia alleged that a father set fire to his vehicle while his two daughters were inside.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that a father in Georgia tragically committed a double murder after a heated argument escalated into a car fire involving his children.

The bodies of Adan Tzoyohua Panzo’s two daughters, aged 1 and 3, were discovered in the car on Saturday, March 30, leading to his arrest on accusations of felony murder, murder with malice, and arson, according to officials.

Reports of a burning vehicle at a residence on Millard Kennedy Road in Preston prompted the response of the Webster County Sheriff’s Office, according to investigators.

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“Two children were found dead inside the vehicle after first responders put out the fire.”

After receiving an appeal from the Webster County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation began investigating. State investigators eventually concluded that Panzo was responsible for planning the murders, which he allegedly did “during a domestic dispute with his wife.”

The exact cause of the family feud remains unknown. The specific cause of death of the girls has not been disclosed by the detectives either.

Located around 150 miles south of Atlanta, the rural southwest section of Preston is traversed by the two-lane Millard Kennedy Road.

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All the neighbors have shown remorse for the untimely demise of the daughters and they hope they rest in peace.

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