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Crack & Fentanyl Took the Life of an Immigrant; Autopsy Concluded

Crack & Fentanyl Took the Life of an Immigrant; Autopsy Concluded

A fatal combination of cocaine and fentanyl killed a Venezuelan at one of Chicago’s migrant shelters in June. The Cook County medical examiner’s office declared the man’s death an accident.

The 23-year-old Luis Alberto Aguilar Peres is the first known victim to pass away in Chicago since a big influx of migrants started coming in August of last year.

On June 2, he was discovered unconscious at the former Wadsworth Elementary School, 6420 South University. He was subsequently declared deceased.

While tests were being conducted, the medical examiner’s findings were not released for several months, despite the death inquiry being started by Chicago police detectives. The autopsy results have just been concluded.

After his death Peres’ sister said her brother came to America “not only to realize his dreams of being here in the United States, but also to realize the dreams of others that are still in Venezuela … and he worked very hard doing that.”

This incident sheds light on the fact that migrant shelters are the hotspots of illegal drug usage and trafficking.

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