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These 5 Counties in Virginia Face Serious Population Decline

These 5 Counties in Virginia Face Serious Population Decline

Virginia, the state that people love to refer to as the “Mother of the Presidents,” used to be the most populous state once. But, now the state is facing population declines. The decline can be attributed to multi-faceted problems that cripple the lives of many in the state.

The 12th largest state in the country is experiencing both population boom and decline. But, the decline is the major problem. The cities are getting bigger but the counties are walking on the edge. In this article, we will reveal the 5 counties in Virginia that are suffering from the population crisis. So, hang in here for a while and get a glimpse of exclusive statistical data.

Fairfax County

Fairfax County, Virginia, prospered for many years as a draw for professionals and families, enjoying consistent population increase. But things have turned in the last few years, as the county’s population has been alarmingly declining.

There are several reasons behind the decrease. The primary cause is the drop in foreign migration.

There is a major population replenishment shortfall when reduced birth rates cause a decline in natural growth. In addition, there is a role for domestic out-migration, where people move elsewhere in search of employment or more inexpensive housing options.

Buchanan County

Known for its history of coal mining, scenic views, and outdoor pursuits, the county is home to landmarks like Poplar Gap Park, the Buchanan County Courthouse, and Breaks Interstate Park.

The county’s population in the southwest region of the state dropped from 21,039 to 17,791, a 15.4% fall. Twelve unincorporated communities make up the county, including Big Rock, Hurley, Grundy, and Vansant.

Bath County

The county is well-known for its historical sites, natural mineral springs, and rustic charm. It is home to popular destinations including the George Washington National Forest, the Homestead Resort, and the Warm Springs Bathhouses.

The population of this county has decreased from 4,275 to 3,839, a 10.2% decrease. It includes Warm Springs, Millboro, Hot Springs, Bacova, and ten more unincorporated villages.

Henry County

The county once blooming with people is currently dealing with a serious problem of population decline. The data paints a clear picture. Henry County’s population decreased steadily from its 1980 peak of 57,654 to 50,948 by 2020.

There is yet more decline ahead. Forecasts for the next year show a further decline to over 50,300, bringing the total number of residents lost since 1980 to almost 7,300. This corresponds to a 12.7% decline, which is a notable change for a community that was previously stable.

Sussex County

The county’s population has decreased by about 15% from a peak of 12,504 in 2000 to just 10,763 in 2021.

There are issues facing Sussex County as a result of this declining population. Tax revenue declines may affect investments in infrastructure and public services. The consumer base for local businesses is shrinking and the community’s general character is changing, which could impede economic expansion.


These five counties require more help and funding from the federal and state governments, as well as from the business community and nonprofit organizations because they face a variety of difficulties. To address population decrease and reinvigorate their communities, a cooperative strategy is essential.

Diversifying local economies, improving amenities and infrastructure, strengthening the healthcare and education systems, and highlighting their natural and cultural resources are a few potential tactics.

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