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Concord Man Tried to Explode explosives in San Francisco Streets to imitate GTA; was arrested after a High-Speed Chase

Concord Man Tried to Explode explosives in San Francisco Streets to imitate GTA; was arrested after a High-Speed Chase

San Francisco, CA: A man from Concord was found guilty on Thursday of exploding explosives and causing law enforcement to pursue him at high speeds from San Francisco to the East Bay in October of last year, according to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

A jury convicted 42-year-old Daniel Garcia guilty of three charges of intentionally injuring someone by detonating an explosive device, four counts of possessing an explosive device, and one count of willfully disregarding the safety of people or property while avoiding an officer.

Garcia was a regular church visitor as he visited St. Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco.

He attacked a fellow churchgoer and then ran away in a car as the cops closed in. Police attempted to pull Garcia over, but he allegedly threw a pipe bomb attached to a gas bottle at them.

As the police pursued Garcia, he threw another pipe bomb in San Francisco and led them across the city and over the Bay Bridge into the East Bay. The pursuit halted Martinez when Garcia’s car broke down.

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“Could you guess my number of Grand Theft Auto stars?” When asked about the Grand Theft Auto video game, Garcia told the officers that players get stars depending on the level of danger they pose and the number of police officers that pursue them.

Garcia informed authorities he was attempting to go home so he could use the bottle as a makeshift barricade, but a 40-ounce gasoline bottle with a third pipe bomb was discovered in his vehicle, as stated by the District Attorney’s Office.

Garcia allegedly built the pipe bombs a few days before their discovery at his Concord residence, where investigators also discovered the necessary ingredients. The bombs were constructed in Garcia’s residence three days prior, as he admitted during his trial.

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On April 23, Garcia will be sentenced. He might spend up to fourteen years behind bars. His alleged commission of the offenses while he was free on bond in another county will also be taken into consideration by the court.

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