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Cocaine-Infused Wheels of Skateboard Busted in Kenosha, Wisconsin by Authorities

Cocaine-Infused Wheels of Skateboard Busted in Kenosha, Wisconsin by Authorities

Kenosha, Wisconsin: A pair of rollerblades with cocaine-infused wheels prompted local authorities to confiscate thousands of dollars worth of drugs from a house in Kenosha, Wisconsin, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday.

Last week, the sheriff’s department reported that Homeland Security identified a suspicious package from Bogota, Colombia, which contained rollerblades and was intended for delivery to a house in Kenosha. Customs and Border Patrol helped investigate the rollerblades’ wheels, deeming them suspicious and conducting various laboratory tests on them.

“The wheels were found to contain a gelatin-like substance that tested positive for cocaine,” according to the sheriff’s department.

Officials promptly obtained a search warrant and proceeded to deliver the package to the residence in Kenosha on Friday. After the residents agreed to take the skates, a detailed search of the property was conducted.

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The sheriff’s department reported that local police found 1,048 grams of cocaine valued at $35,000 on the street. They found evidence of an illegal international trafficking operation involving money transfers between Kenosha and Bogota amounting to over $30,000. Additionally, they uncovered several counterfeit documents such as fake permanent resident cards, social security cards, and Colombian IDs.

The sheriff’s department did not provide details about possible suspects in the case, but mentioned that the investigation is still ongoing and they are considering pursuing charges against those involved. It was not mentioned if the residents had any connections to criminal organizations in the U.S. or Colombia.

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