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CHP chased a Car and found a 9-year-old driving himself to School in Oroville

CHP chased a Car and found a 9-year-old driving himself to School in Oroville

Oroville, CA: A 9-year-old California boy crashed into a police vehicle after stealing his mother’s car and trying to drive it to school. The boy then led the police on an uncontrolled pursuit.

At approximately 9:20 a.m. on Wednesday, an officer from the California Highway Patrol noticed a gray Volkswagen automobile that was unusually halted in the center of an Oroville junction.

Authorities were involved in a “short and erratic chase that ended in a dirt parking lot” two blocks away from Plumas Avenue Elementary School when an officer ordered the driver to slow down, but the vehicle continued racing away.

After stopping, the vehicle abruptly turned around and collided with a police cruiser “in a moment that could have led to a grave outcome,” according to the investigators.

The horrified officer then learned that the driver was a youngster of nine years old, creating what the California Highway Patrol called “a scene straight out of a movie.”

Minor damage was sustained by both vehicles and thankfully no one was injured in the collision. Authorities and the boy’s parents were informed, and the youngster was escorted to school.

It is not clear whether the parents of the child will face any charges or not.

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