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Child Predator Nabbed at Arizona Border; Authorities Say Criminals are Crossing Border at Record Rates

Child Predator Nabbed at Arizona Border; Authorities Say Criminals are Crossing Border at Record Rates

Douglas, AZ: The Border Patrol apprehended an illegal immigrant in Arizona last week; according to authorities, this individual has a history of convictions for child sex assault and is a “child predator.”

Douglas, Arizona, Border Patrol authorities detained a Mexican national and “child predator” with a prior conviction for felony aggravated criminal sex abuse with a victim younger than thirteen years old, according to Chief Jason Owens of the Border Patrol.

Since the start of the fiscal year in October, there have been approximately 8,800 encounters between Border Patrol personnel and illegal immigrants with criminal records. This is in contrast to the 15,267 in the previous fiscal year and the above 12,000 in the fiscal year 2022.

This is on top of over 1.3 million interactions at the southern border this fiscal year, down from over 2.4 million in the previous fiscal year.

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Agents are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of people trying to enter the United States across the southern border, where illegal immigrants and other sex offenders have tried to do so.

Recently, agents in Arizona’s Tucson Sector met with a Mexican national who had a 2009 conviction in Nevada for sexual assault and lewdness with a minor.

Also last week, it came to light that a Guatemalan illegal immigrant who is currently facing charges in Florida for kidnapping and sexual abuse of a child had been stopped at the border in January but was allowed to enter the United States with a court date set for 2027.

But there are other undocumented immigrants who are evading Border Patrol. Last Monday, sources informed Fox News that since the fiscal year began in October, there have been 175,000 “known getaways,” or illegal immigrants who have managed to elude agents of the Border Patrol but have been caught up by other types of monitoring without being detained.

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