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Chicago Vet wanted to Sexually Molest unborn son he was expecting with his Husband; also assaulted nephews and nieces by drugging them

Chicago Vet wanted to Sexually Molest unborn son he was expecting with his Husband; also assaulted nephews and nieces by drugging them

Chicago, IL: The FBI claims that the Chicago veterinarian, who was planning to molestate a surrogate kid with his husband, was arrested for the dissemination of child porn.

Federal authorities claim that a prominent Chicago veterinarian was planning to molestate a child he and his husband were going to have via surrogacy when he was charged with distributing child pornography.

Elburn veterinary ophthalmologist Adam Stafford King, 39, was the subject of federal accusations that were filed on Thursday and subsequently unsealed on Monday.

Authorities in New York said they learned about King as a result of their probe into child porn. Rumor has it that after speaking on the messaging service Telegram, King allegedly emailed a New Yorker videos of child pornography.

Sex with King apparently occurred when he used the handle “@pervichiguy.”

According to investigators, King confessed to the other individual that he had an attraction to youngsters younger than 10 years old throughout their chats. Sex assaults on youngsters by adults were allegedly seen in the videos he sent.

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According to the allegations, King apparently confessed to drugging his nephews and nieces before sexually assaulting them.

He is said to have written, “I generally use Benadryl.” “I usually double an adult dose.”

According to the investigation, King admitted to discussing his intention to sexually abuse a child that he and his husband intended to have through surrogacy. Along with an ultrasound picture of the developing kid, he also gave the New Yorker a snapshot of the infant’s clothing.

“I do love the idea of inviting a buddy over when I have my boy,” according to him, “just has to be someone I can trust obviously.”

The American Kennel Club had recognized King as a qualified judge, and he enjoyed widespread renown among dog show enthusiasts. His judicial rights have subsequently been withdrawn, it was stated.

One case of knowing distribution of child pornography was brought against him. Tuesday, the man’s bail was denied by a court who deemed him a “serious danger to children.” Both the surrogate adoption and any additional charges he may face as a result of the probe remain unknown.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations stated that King was scheduled to travel to California to attend the birth of the kid he was accused of intending to molest just one week prior to his arrest.

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