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Chicago Police Officer Shot a Man 96 times after he opened Fire on an Officer during Traffic Check, Footage released by COPA

Chicago Police Officer Shot a Man 96 times after he opened Fire on an Officer during Traffic Check, Footage released by COPA

Chicago, IL: Four Chicago police officers opened fire with 96 rounds on a man in response to reports that the man had shot one officer in the forearm during a traffic check. The incident happened on March 21, according to officials.

The authorities have now released the body cam footage of the incident. The alleged driver was identified as Dexter Reed, Jr.

Reed was initially pulled over because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, according to COPA. Officers encircled his white SUV while brandishing their rifles, instructing him to “not roll the window up” and “unlock the doors,” as shown in body camera footage made public by COPA.

Video footage shows that Reed disregarded their orders. A little while later, the footage shows the cops pulling away from the car while shouting, “Open the door now.” At that point, the film claims, a barrage of gunshots breaks out.

Reed allegedly shot one police officer in the forearm before opening fire on the cops, as reported by COPA. In response, the police retaliated around 96 times in 41 seconds, according to COPA.

As cops opened fire, body camera footage revealed that Reed got out of his car and collapsed to the ground. Reed lies still on the ground after a barrage of gunshots, and video captures the moment when police officers ordered him to stay put.

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Upon arrival at the hospital, Reed was declared deceased, as reported by COPA. According to COPA, a firearm was found in the car seat of Reed’s vehicle.

This interaction was described in a news conference by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson as “deeply disturbing” after it was released on April 9.

The four officers who are accused of shooting at Reed have been placed on 30-day administrative leave, according to Johnson. The family members of the victim also watched the tape.

Cooperative efforts with the investigation will be made by the Chicago Police Department.

The Chicago Police Department informed McClatchy News that they would not be able to decide the incident until they have collected all the necessary evidence and the investigation is complete.

The incident has been the subject of an ongoing investigation, which began on March 21.

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The officer’s conduct leading up to the use of deadly force must be considered in any evaluation of such a use. Accordingly, First Deputy Chief Administrator Ephraim Eaddy stated, “We will thoroughly examine the actions of the involved police officers and their supervisors to determine whether training, policy and directives were properly followed.” I agree.

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