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Chicago Man Proved Not Guilty after Medical Evidence Presented in Court; Spent 10 Years in Prison for Murder

Chicago Man Proved Not Guilty after Medical Evidence Presented in Court; Spent 10 Years in Prison for Murder

Chicago, IL: Medical evidence cleared a man who had spent almost a decade in prison for murder, stating that he could not have been the gunman. The man was thus released from prison.

During Monday’s hearing, Anthony Robinson’s legal team argued that the medical documents should have been produced in court.

Judge James Obbish of Cook County, who found Robinson guilty in 2014 during a bench trial, stated that the records would have provided a strong defense.

“I knew coming into today that the judge was going to make a good decision, a better decision for him,” claimed Patricia Robinson, who is the aunt of Robinson.

Kelvin Jemison was shot and killed in January 2013 outside a housing complex in Bronzeville. Surveillance footage from the scene shows both Jemison and the gunman fleeing through the frame.

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The gunman spun around and dashed back the other way as soon as guns rang out. Robinson was found guilty and handed a 55-year prison term based on the footage and the witness’s now-repented statement, despite his protests that he couldn’t have been the one.

Recent gunshot wounds to Robinson’s legs—shattered tibia and fibula on the left side—were shown by X-rays taken in 2013 but not presented as evidence during his trial.

Based on a recent evaluation of the records by a medical specialist, it is physically impossible for Robinson to have been the sprinting shooter shown in the video.

The shooter appears to run with perfect form, showing no limp or other abnormality in his stride.

Myerscough-Mueller claimed at Monday’s hearing that his former lawyer failed in his duty to provide that material during his trial. The court concurred, ruling that the defense had merit and should have been brought forth.

The charges against Robinson were dropped and his conviction was vacated by the Cook County prosecutors as per CBS News.

As of Monday, Robinson was no longer held in Stateville.

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Even though the state’s attorney for Cook County has said they will not oppose his client’s request for a certificate of innocence, his lawyer will soon submit the paperwork for it.

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