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Chicago Housing Authority Announced a New Housing Project of $40M in North Lawndale

Chicago Housing Authority Announced a New Housing Project of $40M in North Lawndale

Chicago, Illinois: The Chicago Department of Housing, in collaboration with the Chicago Housing Authority, has announced a new housing project in North Lawndale after Mayor Johnson announced the Executive Order.

A $40 million project in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood is approved and will go by the name of Grace Manor Apartments. Developers like East Lake Management and Grace at Jerusalem CDC are involved in this groundbreaking project.

The plan calls for a combination of affordable housing options and retail spaces. The second through sixth floors will house 65 affordable housing units, with a mix of 31 one-bedroom and 34 two-bedroom units, including a rooftop deck on the sixth floor.

These 65 units will be subsidized by the Chicago Housing Authority. The ground floor will be used for community and commercial tenants, including health and wellness service providers, as well as job training and wealth-building classes.

Formerly a neighborhood plagued by a lack of accessible housing is now being revitalized by the Grace Manor Apartments project. The construction is in full swing at 3401 W. Ogden.

A rooftop terrace, fitness center, laundry facilities, and a bike room with eighteen parking spaces are all features of Grace Manor. The design of the building is crafted in such a way that it will improve the community’s visual environment.

The development takes the community one step closer to their dream of fair housing for the residents. The development will knit a new community fabric.

With local partners and contractors playing a major role in the project—a strategy uncommon in similar developments—it stands as a testament to community-led innovation. The project is located on what was once an underutilized police station parking lot.

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