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Cars Towed from Vacant Private Property in Spokane, Victims say they have been doing this for Years

Cars Towed from Vacant Private Property in Spokane, Victims say they have been doing this for Years

Spokane, WA: Several employees at the Pita Pit strip mall on Spokane’s South Hill are experiencing financial difficulties since their automobiles were towed without notice on Tuesday afternoon.

The vehicles were parked in a vacant property owned by Douglass Properties. This lot is situated adjacent to the companies in the strip mall, and it is the preferred parking spot for employees, as confirmed by the Spokane County Assessor’s office.

There are no explicit parking signs present, only a yellow painted line that separates the two lots.

Employees attempted to negotiate with the tow business yesterday but were unsuccessful.

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Nikki, an employee whose car was towed, expresses deep distress over the financial implications. “That vehicle is essential for my livelihood.” Devoid of that, I possess nothing.

Nikki, a widow with three children, had to spend $600 to retrieve her automobile, a cost her family cannot afford. “To me, that amount equals one month’s worth of groceries.” Nikki stated that a month’s worth of gas for driving back and forth is what is providing a roof over her children’s heads.

The management of Pita Pit promptly alerted the neighboring companies when the tow vehicles came. Another woman rushed outdoors in an attempt to rescue her car, but she arrived just moments after it was too late.

David Helton, another employee, had his car towed by Evergreen State Towing. He claims to have parked in the lot for years without encountering any problems.

“I inquired about the possibility of a drop fee or the option to not have my car towed.” Collectively, they rejected all. Helton stated that they declined to speak with him, resulting in a cost of approximately $500.

Some employees in the strip mall were aware that this lot was separate, but they desire improved communication and for everyone to be informed.

The reason why Douglass Properties opted Tuesday to have the cars towed is unclear. 4 News Now contacted the company but has not received a response.

Private property owners are legally allowed to hire a towing company to remove automobiles that are trespassing.

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