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Carjacking Suspect Arrested After Hot Car Chase Through LA County

Carjacking Suspect Arrested After Hot Car Chase Through LA County

Los Angeles, CA: LAPD officers arrested one suspect who was involved in two carjacking incidents. The arrest was made after a hit chase throughout the LA county on Thursday afternoon.

As police pursued them, the suspect allegedly pulled into a parking lot close to Carson, where the driver exited their first car and stole another.

Later, the driver allegedly pulled into a parking area next to Del Amo mall, where they broke into yet another car.

Authorities withheld information regarding the suspect’s original warrant, even though the driver allegedly stole two cars during the chase.

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The suspect drove at extremely high speeds and, at times, drove on the wrong side of the sidewalk and the road throughout the pursuit.

After using a PIT technique to halt the driver’s second stolen vehicle, officials utilized a PIT maneuver to apprehend the driver and end the chase at a Carl’s Jr. parking lot in Torrance. After the maneuver, the cars whirled so fast that one of them struck a person who was walking by. It’s unclear how the pedestrian is doing.

The suspect tried to flee toward the Carl’s Jr. after the stolen car spun out, but police soon caught up with him. The identity of the suspect has not been released by the authorities.

The Torrance Police Department arrested the suspect after taking over the chase of the driver from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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