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Car Meet-Up Turned Deadly after 2 Dead and 1 Injured following Gunfire in Maryland

Car Meet-Up Turned Deadly after 2 Dead and 1 Injured following Gunfire in Maryland

A tragic incident leaves two individuals dead and one injured during a bustling car meetup in Accokeek, Maryland, as confirmed by local authorities.

Police in Prince George’s County were called to a parking lot near Manokeek Village Center late Thursday night. Upon arrival, they discovered two men who had been shot. Police have confirmed that both individuals were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have identified the victims as Sheldon Proctor, 48, of Waldorf, and Patrick Savoy, 55, of Charlotte Hall, Maryland, according to a recent statement. Friends and relatives mentioned their mutual passion for classic cars.

Tammala Swan fondly described her brother as a kind-hearted individual with a captivating smile. According to Swan, Proctor, a car enthusiast, had previously experienced paralysis from the chest down. At the scene early Friday, she expressed her sorrow to News4.

“My brother, who was already handicapped, was likely attempting to escape but was unable to due to his paralysis from the chest down,” Swan explained. “He was shot without any justification.”

She is encouraging individuals who may have information to step forward. Authorities are urging individuals who may have captured images or footage of the incident to reach out to the police.

“If you witnessed anything, we encourage you to come forward and share your information.” Tragic loss of innocent lives. We must put an end to the cycle of crime, violence, and tragedy,” Swan expressed.

Buck Proctor, the father of Proctor, proudly displayed a photograph of a vintage car that his son collaborated on with Savoy.

“I’ve come up here to gather information about people’s knowledge and intentions, and apprehend those responsible,” he stated.

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Another individual who had been shot managed to transport himself to a medical facility and is currently in a stable condition, as confirmed by the authorities. According to reports, the injuries sustained were fortunately not life-threatening.

According to both police and eyewitnesses, the parking lot was extremely crowded on Thursday night, with a large number of cars and people in attendance. Several car enthusiasts remained at the meetup location for an extended period of time. According to a report from News4, the car meetup is a regular occurrence, with participants gathering each week. Attendees come together for companionship, engaging discussions, and even to give their cars a thorough cleaning.

According to some Accokeek residents living nearby, what began as a small gathering of people and their classic cars has now transformed into a more festive atmosphere as per NBC Washington.

Various items, including cups, papers, coolers, and camp chairs, were left behind in the parking lot on Friday morning. Additionally, Proctor’s family retrieved his mobility scooter on Friday.

Authorities were considering reviewing security camera footage from the surrounding stores.

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