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Canine Influenza Cases Rising in Las Vegas; Owners Advised to take Precautions

Canine Influenza Cases Rising in Las Vegas; Owners Advised to take Precautions

Canine influenza cases are rising in the valley as residents are taking measures to protect their dogs. Canine influenza cases increase at Las Vegas shelter; community responds by fostering.

“We have a close-knit group, and we prefer to keep things within our circle.” Charles Belline expressed the desire to prevent his dogs from being ill despite being vaccinated.

Howard Stein, another dog owner in the group, expressed his reluctance for his dog to drink from a shared bowl due of the current respiratory ailment circulating.

Despite cautious dog owners, the Animal Foundation has reported at least six confirmed cases of canine influenza, with over 130 canines displaying symptoms in the past week.

The Henderson Animal Shelter is currently closed due to three confirmed cases of illness. There are 14 pending test results and 31 dogs are receiving treatment for symptoms.

Events with a significant number of dogs are proceeding as planned, such as Bark in the Park in Henderson this weekend.

Stein remarked that the experience was enjoyable because he connected with others who shared a same love for dogs.

Stein might go this year, but Belline doesn’t attend such gatherings, not due to the dog illness. He mentioned that they don’t attend any of the events because their dogs are rather quiet. The event is confirmed to go, and the City of Henderson has issued a statement regarding the event.

The City of Henderson prioritizes the health and well-being of its furry citizens. We kindly request that folks intending to participate in our annual Bark in the Park event at Cornerstone Park this weekend verify that their dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations and limit interactions with unfamiliar pets. Pet owners are encouraged to bring water for their dogs to reduce shared drinking.

Dogs displaying symptoms should refrain from attending the event as a precaution and out of courtesy to other guests. For further event details, please visit cityofhenderson.com.

The American Veterinary Medical Association is actively involved in researching this flu. They recommend ensuring your dogs are current on their vaccinations, monitoring them attentively for coughing, and being cautious with nose-to-nose contact.

Symptoms may not appear for weeks and can include coughing and sneezing. If you suspect your dog may have it, isolate your dog and monitor for symptoms for a week. Treatment include rest and medication.

This bunch of friends will remain cautious when they gather at the dog park.

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