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Californians To Pay An Annual Tax For Every Gun Registered As Per New Bill

Californians To Pay An Annual Tax For Every Gun Registered As Per New Bill

Sacramento, CA: California is considering implementing an annual tax and registration requirement for every firearm in the state

A new proposal has been introduced by the California legislature, which aims to implement an annual tax and registration requirement for gun owners in the state. Not registering and paying the tax could result in a fine of up to $250.

With the state’s ability to share the personal information of California gun owners with researchers studying gun violence, this measure would essentially establish a comprehensive registry of all gun owners and their firearms in California.

State Sen. Anthony J. Portantino, a Democrat from Burbank, has introduced SB 1160 to enhance public safety.

According to a statement from Portantino, SB 1160 aims to provide the state with improved data to gain insights into the number of firearms in private possession and their respective owners. “Taking this significant stride towards registration will enhance accountability and promote responsible gun ownership, as we work together to enhance public safety.”

Opposition to the bill is already emerging from advocates of the Second Amendment. Gun Owners of California, who have been involved in numerous legal challenges against the state’s gun laws, have strongly criticized the proposed legislation.

They argue that SB1160, introduced by [Portantino], is an ill-conceived attempt to impose additional taxes on the constitutionally protected right of gun ownership. The bill would require California gun owners to annually re-register their firearms with the DOJ. We’re eagerly looking forward to overcoming this challenge!

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GOC is currently opposing a recent law that mandates gun dealers to keep round-the-clock camera and audio recordings for a year. They argue that this requirement infringes upon various constitutional rights as it necessitates extensive surveillance in gun shops, shows, and the residences of federal firearm licensees.

Gun owners in California are currently challenging a previous federal ruling that permitted the state to share personal information of gun owners with research institutions.

The data includes names, addresses, and ages, and is intended for studying gun violence prevention, shooting accidents, and suicides. Critics of the measure raised concerns about its potential impact on gun ownership and the potential violation of citizens’ privacy.

The lawyers representing the anonymous plaintiffs against California Attorney General Rob Bonta argue that it is crucial to protect the information of citizens who choose to exercise a politically divisive, controversial, or unpopular constitutional right.

They emphasize that anonymity is necessary to ensure that individuals feel comfortable exercising their rights, as the fear of their decision and identity becoming public may discourage them from doing so. Furthermore, if the Defendant reveals the Personal Information stored on the Databases, there is no legal recourse against the recipients if the information is later disclosed without authorization.

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