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California Teacher Sought Underage Girls for Sex; Busted by Undercover Agent; Pleads Guilty for Deeply Disturbing Acts

California Teacher Sought Underage Girls for Sex; Busted by Undercover Agent; Pleads Guilty for Deeply Disturbing Acts

A former science teacher and cross-country coach from University City High School has pleaded guilty to a federal count of attempted enticement of a minor. The arrest, which occurred last year, was a result of his attempt to meet with a teenage girl for sexual purposes.

A man named Sean Stevenson, aged 58 attempted to exchange money for illegal activities with an individual he believed to be a minor. Nevertheless, Stevenson was apprehended at a bus stop where he encountered an undercover agent with whom he had been in contact for a duration of three weeks.

Stevenson was taken into custody on October 24th when he showed up at the agreed-upon meeting spot with $140 in his vehicle.

Court documents reveal that the investigation into Stevenson commenced following the apprehension of a pimp and prostitute in April of 2023.

Following an examination of the prostitute’s cell phone, investigators discovered a series of text messages exchanged between her and a phone number based in the San Diego area, which prosecutors claim belongs to Stevenson.

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Court documents state that the individual using the San Diego cell number allegedly offered a woman a payment in exchange for providing an underage prostitute.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office Stevenson made inappropriate comments to the woman, suggesting a preference for younger individuals and encouraging her to be aware of high school age girls. These remarks were highly inappropriate and concerning.

An undercover officer later pretended to be a prostitute and engaged in conversations with Stevenson, where they offered her 16-year-old cousin for sexual activities.

Stevenson’s sentencing is scheduled for September as per NBC7 San Diego.

In a statement, San Diego U.S. Attorney Tara McGrath expressed her concern over the actions of a teacher who betrayed the trust placed in them. These reprehensible actions undermine the faith of students, parents, and the entire community.

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