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California Schools allowed to maintain Gender Notification Policy and Ban on Critical Race Theory

California Schools allowed to maintain Gender Notification Policy and Ban on Critical Race Theory

Temecula Valley Unified School District maintains ban on critical race theory and policy for parental notification regarding name and gender preferences.

Following the judge’s decision, the two policies will continue to be enforced until the lawsuit is heard in late March. California Attorney General Rob Bonta plays a crucial role in the legal case against TVUSD.

Superior Court Judge Eric Keen blocked the injunction against TVUSD’s CRT and parental notification policies, stating that teaching individuals are either a member of the oppressor class or the oppressed class because of race or sex goes against the California Education Code. Keen also mentioned that the parental notification policy applies equally to all students within the district and does not treat different groups unfairly.

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TVUSD has implemented restrictions on certain teachings, including the idea that a person is inherently discriminatory based on their race or gender, the concept of individuals being categorized as oppressors or oppressed based on race or gender, and the notion of discriminating against or favoring individuals based on race or gender.

TVUSD’s policy mandates parental notification for various school-related situations, including injuries, bullying, discussions about suicide, and requests related to gender identity or program participation. A judge partially blocked a policy at Chino Valley Unified School District, halting the gender notification provisions until the case can proceed to a full trial.

Students, parents, and teachers have brought a case against TVUSD, with support from Bonta who issued an amicus curiae regarding the policies.

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The legal team representing the group taking legal action against TVUSD comes from Public Counsel. They contended that the CRT ban was unclear and left teachers uncertain about the content they could cover. Public Counsel, a public interest legal group, has successfully obtained a settlement for a $50 million phonics-based reading intervention in the state’s lowest-performing public schools, as well as an additional $2 billion settlement to promote science-based learning interventions throughout the state.

“It is evident to the Court that an individual of average intelligence would have a fair chance to understand the prohibited actions as they are clearly outlined in the Resolution,” Keen stated in his ruling.

Meanwhile, Bonta stated that the policy on parental notification violates the state constitutional right to equal protection and statutory protections from discrimination, as well as the state constitutional right to privacy, depriving individuals of their fundamental ability to express their identity. Bonta also mentioned that the prohibition on critical race theory bans “diverse and inclusive perspectives” and is a form of “discrimination.

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