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California Ready To Celebrate Wet Christmas

California Ready To Celebrate Wet Christmas

Most of California is expected to see increased rainfall starting next week and continuing through the remainder of December, with an increasing likelihood of heavy precipitation over Christmas.

The first indications of the long-awaited strong El Niño winter are showing with a series of storms headed toward the state due to a shift in the jet stream to the south. Rain is expected to arrive in the Los Angeles area as early as Sunday.

Yet for the remainder of this week, Southern California-based National Weather Service forecasters referred to the ensuing few days as “the literal calm before the storm.”

As the first low-pressure system moves down the West Coast, the Southland is predicted to stay dry and slightly warmer through Saturday, with highs getting into the 70s.

The most recent hazards outlook from the Climate Prediction Center indicates that long-range forecasters are predicting a moderate chance of heavy precipitation across coastal California south of San Francisco starting on December 25 and continuing through December 27. At the same time, there is a moderate chance of heavy snowfall across the Sierra Nevada, according to the same forecast.

California Ready To Celebrate Wet Christmas

The National Climate Prediction Center’s most recent precipitation outlooks continue to indicate that there will be an above-average chance of precipitation during the final two weeks of December in most of South and Central California. There’s a good chance of rain from December 21 to 27, but overall temperatures should stay a little above average. The three-month forecast through February indicates a chance of rainfall in the state that is above average.

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