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California Pair Arrested in Texas for Running Gift Card Scam Draining across the states

California Pair Arrested in Texas for Running Gift Card Scam Draining across the states

Plano, TX: Authorities in Plano have apprehended two individuals suspected of participating in a gift card scheme that targeted multiple stores across North Texas.

Plano police apprehended Xiaohong Zhang and Xiongling Chen, both from California, last week in relation to the scheme.

Authorities have identified a fraudulent scheme known as “gift card draining,” according to law enforcement officials. Scammers have found a way to exploit service kiosks to obtain the numbers and PIN codes of unpurchased gift cards.

After obtaining the information, the scammers carefully reseal the cards and return them to the shelves.

Then, once a tampered card is purchased, the scammer proceeds to deplete all funds from the prepaid card.

Plano police collaborated with the Secret Service and ICE to conduct a thorough investigation into the scam that occurred in the DFW area. According to surveillance footage, Zhang and Chen were observed returning tampered gift cards to store Kiosks in various North Texas stores, including one in Plano.

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Plano police have confiscated a large number of tampered Apple gift cards, totaling 4,100 in quantity and valued at an impressive $649,000. These gift cards are believed to be connected to a scheme.

If you suspect that your gift card has been tampered with, please reach out to the retailer from whom you made the purchase. Additionally, individuals have the option to submit a report to the authorities and the Federal Trade Commission.

Zhang and Chen are facing charges for the alleged use of a criminal instrument. Authorities have indicated that additional arrests are expected in the near future.

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