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California Judge Shot His Wife Dead after Heated Argument; Pleaded Not Guilty in Court

California Judge Shot His Wife Dead after Heated Argument; Pleaded Not Guilty in Court

Orange County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Ferguson entered a plea of not guilty on Friday in downtown Los Angeles. He is facing a murder charge for the tragic incident that occurred in their Anaheim Hills home last August, where his wife was fatally shot during an argument.

Ferguson’s case is being heard in Los Angeles instead of Orange County court, and he has been previously ordered to stand trial.

He is currently out on bond. A pretrial hearing has been scheduled for September 20th.

Ferguson faces charges of murder, along with sentencing enhancements for the use of a firearm resulting in death. A man is facing accusations of murdering his wife, Sheryl, on August 3, 2023, at their residence in Anaheim Hills.

Ferguson was apprehended by officers from the Anaheim Police Department after they received a distress call regarding a shooting at his residence on East Canyon Vista Drive. The incident took place on August 3rd, shortly after 8 p.m. Officers discovered Sheryl Ferguson, the judge’s wife, inside the home with at least one gunshot wound, according to Anaheim Police Sgt. Jonathan McClintock.

Tragically, Sheryl Ferguson lost her life at the scene.
Jeffrey Ferguson was released on bail the following day.

Last year, Deputy District Attorney Christopher Alex stated in a bail motion that Ferguson fatally shot his wife in the living room of their home in Anaheim.

The prosecutor claimed that the judge utilized a firearm, specifically a 40-caliber pistol, which he retrieved from his ankle holster. He fired the gun at her from a short distance. He made the decision while under the influence. His son, who is now an adult, was present at the scene of the crime where a homicide took place.

The disagreement started earlier in the evening as the couple had a heated discussion over dinner at a nearby restaurant, according to Alex.

Alex stated that Ferguson imitated a firearm with his finger while pointing it at his wife. According to Alex, the conflict between them persisted at home for approximately an hour, occurring periodically.

According to Alex, Sheryl Ferguson reportedly made a comment about pointing a real gun at her moments before her husband opened fire, in reference to the hand gesture at dinner.

Alex claimed that Ferguson retrieved his pistol from his ankle holster and shot his wife in the center of her body as per ABC-7 News.

Ferguson’s son and the judge both made emergency calls to 911. According to Alex, when questioned by a dispatcher about his wife being shot, the judge declined to comment on the matter initially. However, when pressed further, he mentioned that she required medical assistance.

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