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California can Expect Rain & Thunderstorm Late in December

California can Expect Rain & Thunderstorm Late in December

Much of California has had a dry first half of December, but as two storm systems move in from offshore, there will be showers and thunderstorms throughout the next week. This could pose a threat to travel and cause regions to flood.

Next week, two storm systems will continue to pelt California with showers and thunderstorms, increasing the possibility of flash floods.

The weather remains dry into Saturday. The northern two-thirds of the California coast, including the San Francisco Bay Area, may see swirling bands of showers as the first storm system approaches the coast on Sunday.

On Monday, there will be more rain, with the first rain and snowfall moving east into the Sierra Nevada and south into the Los Angeles region. While snow totals in the higher Sierra might reach 6 to 12 inches, Los Angeles hasn’t had any significant rain since mid-November.

A few of the showers may also turn into thunderstorms, particularly in the Bay Area and central California. These storms may bring small hail and heavy rain, which might cause isolated flash floods.

Tuesday sees a little decrease in the amount of showery weather as the storm system moves northward, bringing most of the precipitation to the Pacific Northwest.

However, a second storm system forms off the coast of California, reinstating the possibility of rain later in the week.

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