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Burglary Spree Against Asian Homeowners, 7 more arrested in Coral Springs

Burglary Spree Against Asian Homeowners, 7 more arrested in Coral Springs

Coral Springs, FL: Seven individuals have been apprehended by authorities in South Florida in connection with a burglary organization that was suspected of targeting Asian homeowners.

Collaboration ensued between the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Coral Springs Police Department, and Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office in an effort to apprehend a string of at least ten residential intrusions in the region.

Wednesday, the suspects were apprehended after investigators tracked their movements with secret cameras and license plate readers, which resulted in a bust while the group was breaking into a residence in Coral Springs.

The ring, which WSVN reports consisted of six men and one woman, operated under the assumption that their victims possessed substantial quantities of currency.

Chief of Police of Coral Springs Bradley McKeone stated at a press conference, “In this instance, the criminals are seeking opportunities to commit crimes. “They anticipate that individuals who possess valuables or cash will the most likely be inside the residence,” he continued.

The suspects postulated that Asian business proprietors, including those who operate Chinese restaurants and manicure salons, conduct the majority of their transactions in cash, rendering them easy prey.

Under the condition of anonymity, a victim disclosed to Local 10 News that the assailants stole the contents of a safe from his residence.

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“I believe we were targeted in particular,” the householder stated.

Evident property damage had occurred at the location where the safe had been carried down the stairs.

Originating from Mexico and Colombia, the individuals who have been arrested are Norma Garcia Maldonado, Wilson Daniel Agudel Restrepo, Jhon Edward Augudelo, Ricardo Mauricio Llanos Velazquez, Julio Cesar Moreno Arenas, Bryan Steven Munoz Diaz, and Edwin Nicolas Urquijo Cabrera.

In addition to the numerous burglary and grand larceny charges against them, investigators are contemplating the filing of hate crime charges as well.

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All pilfered property was effectively recovered by law enforcement subsequent to the apprehensions. The aforementioned recent endeavors demonstrate an increased dedication to safeguarding communities from premeditated crimes of opportunity.

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