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Brief Tornado Hit Butte County, NWS Released Damage Report

Brief Tornado Hit Butte County, NWS Released Damage Report

According to the National Weather Service, meteorologists found that a short tornado made landfall near Oroville on Tuesday during a winter storm.

The EF-1 tornado, which struck the area at approximately 5:40 p.m., caused damage to trees and buildings, according to the NWS. Over Oroville and Butte County, a line of thunderstorms preceded the tornado.

The tornado uprooted many trees, snapped off tree branches, and damaged multiple carports and roof shingles after it made landfall close to the intersection of La Palma Drive and Table Mountain Boulevard.

In addition, before lifting, the EF-1 tornado overturned a free-standing light post. According to the NWS, no fatalities or injuries have been reported.

The tornado had maximum speeds of 90 miles per hour, a path width of 90 yards, and an approximate length of 0.4 miles, according to the NWS. Damage reports, according to the NWS, didn’t come in until after the tornado incident.

“There was no tornado warning in effect prior to Tuesday’s storm, as brief tornados are difficult to detect on radar compared to large and destructive tornados.”

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