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“Boulevard of Death” Ready for $30M Safety Overhaul

“Boulevard of Death” Ready for $30M Safety Overhaul

Once known as the “Boulevard of Death,” Queens Boulevard will soon undergo a $30 million safety makeover.

To lessen the famed stretch’s terrible consequences, federal funding will be used to renovate it with protected bike lanes, pedestrian islands, and raised crosswalks. Residents of Sunnyside should expect a safer future as construction gets underway in the fall.

Its ability to support up to twelve automobile lanes makes it one of its most notable features—and one of the riskiest for pedestrians. In certain areas, it spans 300 feet, which is one-third the width of some Manhattan blocks. First Avenue, another busy thoroughfare in Manhattan, is barely 70 feet wide. Side streets usually have a width of thirty feet.

It is not clear what new changes will be made after the safety overhaul.

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