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Booze and Drug Theft Gang Busted by Officials in LA and Compton

Booze and Drug Theft Gang Busted by Officials in LA and Compton

Riverside County Sheriff’s officers have apprehended multiple people connected to a Los Angeles-based gang as part of a crackdown on a string of booze and pharmaceutical thefts occurring around Southern California.

A sheriff’s statement claims that suspects Aaron Kincy, Corey Christopher, Rasheed Reed, and Armaun Yerger are responsible for a theft spree that terrified nearby businesses, allegedly stealing over $200,000 worth of products and causing an extra $50,000 in damages.

The well-planned burglary operation began in July and targeted a Temecula business on Winchester Road twice. It later targeted several other shops in Riverside County.

The suspects’ descriptions quickly caused panic as the gang broke into pharmacies to steal prescription medications.

Eventually, after months of investigation and coordination between multiple law enforcement agencies, authorities identified and apprehended key players in the complex criminal organization.

Booze and Drug Theft Gang Busted by Officials in LA and Compton

Officers also arrested Compton resident Kamron Williams, 20, during the December 21 arrest operation for breaking his probation, exposing the extent of the network’s influence.

While executing search warrants at many residences in Los Angeles and Compton, the multi-agency search brought up incriminating evidence, including bottles of expensive wine and prescription medications along with six firearms, some of which were undetectable ghost guns.

According to the official release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, Kincy, who was given a million dollar bail, and Christopher, who was given a half-million dollar bond, were arrested at the Cois Byrd Detention Center on a long list of charges that included burglary and organized retail theft.

Reed and Yerger were already imprisoned when these heists occurred, and more warrants have been issued for their involvement.

To curb organized retail crime, the Sheriff’s Office has declared that it will tolerate “zero tolerance” and will work nonstop with law enforcement and loss prevention.

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