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Beloved Dog Stolen From DC Residence After The Owner Was Beaten By Stick

Beloved Dog Stolen From DC Residence After The Owner Was Beaten By Stick

An alleged house invasion occurred on New Year’s Eve in the Bellevue neighborhood of Washington, D.C., resulting in the theft of a pit bull puppy.

At approximately 7:25 p.m., according to the police, three persons knocked on the door of an apartment in the 100 block of Atlantic Street SE. According to authorities, the suspects forced their way inside, pushed the resident to the ground, and struck him with a stick when he resisted.

According to authorities, they walked to the rear of the residence and took Lola, a female pit bull who was 7 months old. Another apartment occupant informed police that one of the suspects declared they were going to “take the dog.”

The suspects, according to the police, fled the residence and went upstairs to another apartment, where they knocked on the door in an attempt to enter. The apartment’s occupant said to the police that one suspect used a gun to open the door while another covered up a nearby camera. The suspects could not break into the apartment.

According to authorities, they were last spotted sprinting near the 100 Block of Atlantic Street SE. Their wanted list includes first-degree burglary, simple assault, and unauthorized entry, according to a D.C. police incident report.

The authorities are searching for the thieves and the puppy.

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