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Bay Area Man killed his Girlfriend and Used Electric Saw to Chop the Body in California, Trial states that Police Discovered Severed Head, feet, Torso and legs in Trash Bags

Bay Area Man killed his Girlfriend and Used Electric Saw to Chop the Body in California, Trial states that Police Discovered Severed Head, feet, Torso and legs in Trash Bags

Alameda, CA: A man is facing a trail after he killed his girlfriend and severed her body using an electric saw in California.

On Wednesday, as Roberts’ trial got underway, Courtney Burris, a deputy district attorney for Alameda County, provided the background.

Following the discovery of Buckner’s dismembered remains in a black trash bag secured with duct tape near a waterfront trail in Alameda last July, Roberts, 43, was indicted in Alameda County Superior Court on murder charges. Roberts, according to investigators, dismembered her with an electric saw in order to hide her identity.

Roberts’ attorneys contended on Wednesday that their client is innocent since no tangible evidence connects him to the crime, and Roberts entered a not-guilty plea. Both the gruesome facts of the murder and Roberts’ background contributed to the case’s enormous media coverage. Roberts claimed he was wrongly accused of sexual harassment in 2017, and the Trump administration portrayed him as a victim of the overzealous #MeToo movement.

During opening statements before the René C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, Burris stated that a few days after Buckner and Roberts last exchanged messages, her severed torso—which included her head, hands, and feet—was discovered.

Rachel Elizabeth Imani Buckner was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She earned a degree from Howard University and subsequently pursued her legal education at San Francisco’s Golden Gate University School of Law. Her alleged killer, Joseph Roberts, is a prosecuting attorney.

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Roberts’ DNA was detected on the duct tape and waste bag, according to Burris. Roberts was supposedly in the area on July 19, the day Buckner’s body was probably abandoned, according to telephone records. According to Burris, an article titled “Development of Fingerprint Impressions on Plastic Bags Over Time and Under Different Storage Temperatures” was referenced in his smartphone searches on July 19.

The prosecutor stated that Roberts did not report Buckner missing as per SF Chronicle.

According to Burris, investigators discovered a human bone during a search of the couple’s Pleasanton apartment. Lab testing later confirmed that the bone belonged to Buckner. It was also found by the authorities that the carpet had been taken from the apartment and that the complex had no record of a repair request.

According to Burris, they discovered Buckner’s bank cards in Roberts’ wallet. These cards were utilized when her whereabouts were unclear. A dating app was also utilized by Roberts. Burris alleged that he even informed another woman that his girlfriend had died before the news of her death was announced to the public.

Telling the jury, “Mr. Roberts basically went on with his own life,” Burris stated.

In an effort to cast doubt on Burris’ testimony, defense attorney Charles Woodson made his case. The place where Buckner’s body was discovered is extremely visible and heavily traveled, he said, and the reason of his death has not been identified.

Buckner and Roberts lived in an apartment complex, and according to Woodson, the managers there decided months before Buckner passed away that the carpet needed to be replaced. Plus, he clarified that Buckner’s possessions were not trashed or destroyed.

Mr. Roberts did not murder Imani Buckner, according to Woodson.

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