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Baltimore Schools Soon to get Weapon Detection System in High Schools as Board Passes $6M Funding

Baltimore Schools Soon to get Weapon Detection System in High Schools as Board Passes $6M Funding

Baltimore, MD: The Baltimore City School Board allocated $6 million for the implementation of weapons detection devices in an effort to reduce violence in classrooms.

City officials report that the proliferation of firearms being taken into schools is unmanageable. Parents desire assurance that their children are safe at school and believe that the implementation of modern metal detection systems will provide them with peace of mind.

Baltimore municipal schools are implementing stricter measures to address the presence of guns in classrooms.

The City Board of School Commissioners approved $5.4 million on Tuesday to deploy new firearm detection systems at 26 high schools.

The new technologies, consisting of two scanners, are anticipated to operate ten times more rapidly than a standard metal detector in a contactless manner.

School administrators claim that the system can differentiate between common metal objects and weapons, leading to a decrease in the frequency of children being identified and examined, which will reassure parents.

15 firearms were seized in high schools last year. “This year we have already gathered 14,” stated Councilmember Robert Stokes.

Stokes believes that these detectors represent a significant advancement. He stated that implementing measures to discourage firearms in schools is a positive initial step.

The school district allocated approximately $230,000 for a six-month trial of a weapon system at six high schools, including Carver, Frederick Douglass, and Mervo, where Jeremiah Brogden was fatally shot outside the school two years ago.

Parents express their desire for this new technology to ensure that school buildings become a secure environment.

The technology will be only used in high schools in Baltimore City. The exact timing for the system’s implementation is yet undetermined.

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