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Autistic Teen Attacked by Friend who Put Drain De-clogger in His Eyes; Victim faces Permanent Blindness in Austin

Autistic Teen Attacked by Friend who Put Drain De-clogger in His Eyes; Victim faces Permanent Blindness in Austin

Austin, TX: A Texas teenager with autism is at risk of losing his eyesight permanently due to an incident where someone he considered a friend threw cleaning powder into his eyes.

According to Amy Morgan, the mother of the victim, children with autism may struggle with making appropriate choices when it comes to friends.

Last week, a disturbing incident occurred in a Houston suburb neighborhood involving a group of teenagers. According to the police, what started as innocent horseplay quickly escalated into a violent situation. One of the individuals involved was Brody, an 18-year-old boy, who was walking with two of his friends at the time.

The trio hurriedly rushed back to her house with her son crying out in pain, his eyes clearly injured. However, the boys attempted to conceal the nature of the substance that was causing Brody’s eyes to burn, causing Amy Morgan to suspect it was salt.

Despite her efforts to rinse his eyes with saline and water, her attempts proved futile. It was only when she urgently took him to the hospital that she finally learned the complete account.

As per the authorities, one of the boys had taken a package from a neighboring house while they were out and eagerly opened it, discovering a “container filled with a powder substance.”

According to reports, it was at that moment when 17-year-old Branden Jolly supposedly uncapped the bottle and deliberately poured the liquid onto Morgan’s shirt.

Morgan forcefully pushed Jolly out of the way, causing the teenager to once again throw the contents, this time directly at Morgan’s face, as stated in court documents.

Morgan was quickly taken to the burn unit at the local hospital, where medical professionals provided treatment for chemical burns on his face and eyes, according to the police.

According to records obtained by ABC 13, doctors later discovered that the substance in Brody’s eyes was a drain de-clogger, which was clearly labeled on the container.

Jolly, who police referred to as “one of Morgan’s friends,” was apprehended two days later and faced serious charges for causing harm to a disabled individual.

According to the teenager’s mother, she views the entire incident as an unintentional occurrence, where the chemicals slipped from her son’s hands following an altercation with Brody.

Our family is deeply troubled by the information surrounding this matter, affecting both of our families. I feel a deep sense of sorrow for the entire incident, and my thoughts are with Brody and his family. The family of Jolly expressed their belief that the incident was not a deliberate act of harm by their son, but rather an unfortunate accident influenced by the choices made by everyone involved.

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