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Authorities shut down store selling Drug-Laced Candy Bars and Vapes to Minors

Authorities shut down store selling Drug-Laced Candy Bars and Vapes to Minors

Redding, CA: A new incident came to light in which drug dealers targeted underage children to make them their customers. These heinous acts were carried out by giving kids candies and chocolates laced with drugs.

Three individuals were apprehended in California for distributing illicit substances to minors disguised as candy bars.

School resource officers in Redding discovered smoke shops were selling vapes and marijuana to underage customers.

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During a covert operation, authorities found out that the minors were also being offered chocolate bars containing psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound found in “magic mushrooms.”

Psilocybin is gaining popularity. Only Oregon and Colorado currently allow it, but California lawmakers are anticipated to introduce a bill for assisted psychedelic therapy.

The parents were notified of the incident. This has raised concerns for both parents and administration as drug ring members have now started to target young kids.

The authorities have not released the name of the school where the drugs were being sold. Also, the identities of the arrested individuals have not been made public.

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