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Authorities Arrested A Woman on Animal Abuse and Neglect Charges in Florida

Authorities Arrested A Woman on Animal Abuse and Neglect Charges in Florida

Authorities in Florida arrested a woman on animal abuse and animal neglect charges.

Police in Frostproof, Florida, seized 164 birds, 142 cats, and three dogs from the woman’s property and declared the ammonia levels inside the house to be “lethal.”

A deputy was sent to the residence on December 21 to check on the safety of a 75-year-old woman who was allegedly living in a suspected “hoarder situation” with cats inside the home, according to a press statement from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy informed Lisa Lacharite, 48, in the front yard of the house that the officer was there to check on her welfare. The elder woman, who was revealed out to be Lacharite’s mother, was the subject of the welfare check.

Lacharite allegedly identified herself to the police as her mother’s caretaker and mentioned her health problems. Lacharite requested that the policeman hold off until she went inside to fetch her mother.

The deputy noticed a strong ammonia scent outside while he waited. Fifteen minutes later, Lacharite informed the deputy he might go inside and see how her mother was doing.

Upon entering an enclosed porch, the deputy discovered many wire cages containing approximately 75 hens, peacocks, and ducks. According to officials, some of the birds appeared sick and emaciated.

The deputy reported seeing 50 cats rushing around the house, jumping on furniture, and sitting on kitchen counters when he entered the residence due to the overpowering ammonia stench.

The ammonia readings that Polk County Fire and Rescue personnel took while they were there were reportedly between 70 and 100 parts per million (ppm). Anything over 50 parts per million was dangerous and may even be fatal for both human and animal health, according to the staff.

To avoid further exposure to the conditions, Lacharite’s mother was taken out of the house. After being taken into custody on five charges of animal abuse, three hundred and forty-one charges of animal neglect, and one charge of elder mistreatment, Lacharite was sent to the Polk County Jail.

Lacharite reportedly told deputies that she was “overwhelmed” by the amount of animals at the house and that she understood the living circumstances were bad for both people and animals.

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