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Attorney Couple Pleaded Guilty to Animal Abuse Charges in Orange, California

Attorney Couple Pleaded Guilty to Animal Abuse Charges in Orange, California

Orange, CA: 140 dogs were rescued from a house where they were kept in very filthy surroundings. A couple from Orange was responsible for the dismal sight.

The lawyer and his wife from Orange, California, have pleaded guilty to animal abuse charges. Edward Reitkopp, 70, and Josephine Giametta Reitkopp, 69, both admitted to being cruel to animals and not taking care of them properly.

After they pleaded guilty, they were given a term of 90 days in jail, which will be suspended if they complete their probation.

There will be formal probation for two years for the couple, according to court papers. Animal Care officers took the dogs from the Reitkopps’ home on the 3800 block of East Woodbine Avenue in a gated community at the end of May 2019 after getting a tip from a stranger.

Lt. Phil McMullin of the Orange Police Department said the house was terrible to live in because it smelled bad and didn’t have any furniture, so the dogs could walk freely.

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 Lt. Phil McMullin of the Orange Police Department said, “I don’t know how people lived in that home, the smell was so disgusting.”

At first, it was said that 136 dogs had been rescued from the filthy conditions, but later, Jessica Novillo of Animal Care said that the real number was over 140. There were a lot of different health levels among the dogs, mostly small breeds like Shih Tzus and Maltese poodles. Some looked like they weren’t getting enough food, while others looked like they had just had puppies.

Edward Reitkopp used to work as an attorney for a Cerritos firm, specializing in labor and employment problems. His license to practice law is now inactive. The investigation began when someone gave the cops an anonymous tip about possible animal cruelty. This led to the welfare check and the discovery that followed.

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