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Attention Commuters: LA Metrolink Will Be Closed for Repair Projects from 26 to 29 December

Attention Commuters: LA Metrolink Will Be Closed for Repair Projects from 26 to 29 December

Metrolink in Southern California will not operate from December 26 to 29 due to a significant cleaning and repair project.

Metrolink plans to renovate, maintain, and clean its train network, which includes installing a new signal system, as previously disclosed in November. It is anticipated that this system will improve operational dependability and throughput for trains entering and leaving Union Station.

The above-mentioned projects will begin after Christmas and are expected to be completed by December 29.

550 miles of track in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside-Ventura County will be closed due to the upgrade.

The signal system is one of the sections undergoing upgrades. To limit the number of trains that can travel on various tracks, Metrolink now employs a relay system that dates back to the Great Depression in the 1930s.

To reduce overall train delays and boost safety, the authority anticipates that the new microprocessor-driven signal system will increase arrival and departure capacity. The SCORE L.A. Union Station Modernization Project, a three-year endeavor to modernize all rail and signal systems where trains arrive and exit at LAUS, also includes it.

To lessen the possibility of power outages, planned repairs include painting canopies and gutters, fixing concrete on platforms, maintaining high-voltage equipment, and adding extra lighting connected to emergency power inside the tunnel.

Notably, high-voltage components will be placed in anticipation of power disruptions, according to Metrolink.

Buses and the Los Angeles Metro Rail will run as usual, providing some relief to commuters.

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