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Assisted Suicide Bill Dropped in California after Bipartisan Outrage

Assisted Suicide Bill Dropped in California after Bipartisan Outrage

A California lawmaker withdraws support for expanding assisted suicide in response to bipartisan outrage.

State Senator Catherine Blakespear of California rescinded her legislation to expand the assisted suicide program in the state following nearly unanimous condemnation, which even included opposition from the bill’s original author who had granted assisted suicide authorization in the state.

The proposed legislation would have broadened the scope of the state’s assisted suicide regulations to encompass “serious and incurable” maladies that render an individual’s demise “reasonably foreseeable” and induce a “irreversible decline in capability.” In addition to including mid-stage dementia as a covered condition, the bill would have permitted self-administered suicide injections in addition to tablets.

In opposition to the expansion, a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals formed, led by State Senator Susan Eggman, the author of the initial legislation in the state that legalized assisted suicide in 2016.

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In contrast, Republicans cited Canada as proof of a precipitous slope. Recently, Canada postponed until 2027 the expansion of its assisted suicide program to include individuals with mental illness. However, a young autistic woman who appeared to be in excellent health was recently granted the right to assisted suicide.

Supportive suicide for the terminally ailing was recently expanded in Canada to include a 27-year-old woman with autism who is in good health, according to a statement to The Center Square from Republican Party of Los Angeles County spokesperson Roxanne Hoge. Sacramento Democrats, who are misguided, will continue to advocate for the ubiquitous right to assisted suicide.

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