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Armed Robbers Invaded in Colorado Home; Brutally Assaulted Kids before Escaping with Valuables; Police Say Suspects Still on Large

Armed Robbers Invaded in Colorado Home; Brutally Assaulted Kids before Escaping with Valuables; Police Say Suspects Still on Large

A family in Colorado recounts a horrifying incident where individuals pretending to be delivery drivers invaded their Aurora home. The armed robbers subjected the family to physical violence, assaulting their young children and instilling fear in the entire household. Understandably shaken, the family is now considering relocating as the perpetrators remain at large.

An armed home robbery took place on Wednesday, June 12, around 8:45 p.m., near S. Richfield Street. The incident occurred while Angelo Medina Rodriguez’s children were at home, accompanied by a family friend and caregiver named David Hernandez.

Rodriguez and his wife were not at home.

Footage from the family’s home captured by a Ring doorbell camera was shared with the police and reported. In the video, two individuals can be seen ringing the family’s doorbell while holding a package. They then falsely identify themselves as delivery drivers to the unsuspecting occupants.

Construction vests were worn by the suspects.

As soon as the door opens, two individuals forcefully enter, brandishing firearms. Another individual wearing a face covering seemed to be lingering in the background of the parking lot near the Rodriguez residence. However, video footage captures him swiftly ascending the stairs shortly after the initial two men enter.

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The three individuals involved in the robbery swiftly exited the premises and made their escape in a vehicle parked nearby.

According to reports, the suspects took jewelry, personal belongings, and cash that were linked to Rodriguez’s business, which operates from his residence. Rodriguez suspects that he was specifically targeted due to this connection.

During an interview, Rodriguez mentioned that he promptly contacted the police as soon as he became aware of the incident.

Reflecting on the situation, Rodriguez didn’t consider the late delivery to be significant. According to him, he had recently purchased a video game for his son from Amazon.

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Rodriguez reported that the individuals involved in the incident forcefully targeted his son, resulting in minor injuries, and also assaulted his daughter, causing her minor harm as reported by Law&Crime.

According to Rodriguez, one of the men also forcefully grabbed the family friend, David Hernandez, by the neck. Hernandez informed reporters that the individuals inquired about the location of the funds and raised their voices, expressing their need for the money. Hernandez managed to flee and seek assistance.

Rodriguez shares that his family has experienced deep emotional distress, with his daughter isolating herself in her room and his wife losing her appetite.

“There was no need to harm the children,” Rodriguez expressed to KMGH during an interview over the weekend. He further shared that his family is considering relocation due to the profound impact of the attack, as they now feel a sense of unease and insecurity.”

Authorities have stated that the individuals responsible for the crime are believed to be in their twenties or thirties. If you have any information, please reach out to Metro Denver Crime Stoppers.

Additionally, the public is being advised to exercise caution when opening doors to unfamiliar individuals and to keep in mind that delivery drivers usually wear identifiable uniforms. Typically, there is no requirement for you to be present at home in order to receive a package. Police also suggest considering a P.O. box as a different delivery method or opting for a “Hold for Pickup” option.

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