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Armed Fugitive on the Run in Arkansas; Wanted for Triple Murder in Oklahoma

Armed Fugitive on the Run in Arkansas; Wanted for Triple Murder in Oklahoma

Residents in Arkansas are being urged to exercise caution as authorities search for a fugitive who is considered armed and dangerous. The individual is wanted for three murders in Oklahoma and is currently evading capture in the Natural State.

A man named Stacy Lee Drake, aged 50, is currently suspected to be in the Morrilton, Ark. area as of Wednesday evening. He is said to have fled Oklahoma after being involved in a string of carjackings and homicides. The Arkansas State Police are actively investigating the situation.

A notorious criminal from Birmingham, Alabama is being sought for three murders in Oklahoma, which occurred during two different carjackings.

According to the police, he is wanted for several serious crimes in multiple jurisdictions, including murder, carjacking, and aggravated robbery.

According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Drake is allegedly responsible for a double homicide that occurred on Tuesday, resulting in the deaths of two out of three individuals.

Authorities have discovered the deceased bodies of a man and woman within a propane business located near State Highway 64 and South 4670 Road in Gans, as reported by the bureau.

Authorities have yet to disclose the names of the individuals involved, however, loved ones have identified the female victim as Tara Barnett-Underwood. She was a mother and was tragically killed while working at LaFerry Propane, as reported by 2 News Oklahoma.

“He’s still evading capture, and I can’t help but feel like I’m trapped in a suspenseful film,” expressed Tia Barnett, speaking to the local station. I can’t help but feel a deep sense of sadness, fear, and desperation, as I yearn for justice to be served in this case, especially for my sister. She truly deserves it, and her children absolutely deserve it.

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No further information regarding the murders, such as the cause of death and motive, has been made public. On the other hand, Oklahoma authorities have reported that Drake allegedly took a vehicle from the scene and used it to travel to Morrilton.

The father expressed his unimaginable grief at the loss of one of his children as reported by The Post.

Drake, with a troubled past spanning over two decades, was recently spotted on foot near a motel in Morrilton before making a purchase of camping gear. Authorities have reported that he is believed to be armed.

The individual in question is characterized as a Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes. According to authorities, he is 5’11” tall and weighs 185 pounds.

State police issued a warning advising individuals who come across him to maintain a safe distance and promptly contact 911.

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