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Armed Driver Shot After a Hot Chase in Downtown LA

Armed Driver Shot After a Hot Chase in Downtown LA

Los Angeles, CA: Police shot and injured a man who they said was carrying a gun during a chase near downtown Los Angeles on Sunday morning.

The incident started at 8:55 a.m. when police saw a driver they thought was being careless near 6th and Witmer Streets and tried to stop them on 8th and Hope Streets.

When the officers asked the driver to pull over he refused and started driving more rashly. The car almost hit many vehicles.

The police continued to chase the suspect. The chase ended quickly at 12th Street and Broadway, where police hit a “fixed object,” according to the LAPD’s public information officer.

But the chase did not end there. An LAPD chopper watching the chase found the suspect car near 12th Street and Stanford Avenue. A short time later, the suspect got out of his car near 12th and Hopper Streets.

The officers surrounded the suspect and shot him when the suspect pointed a gun at one of the officers.

“The officers observed the suspect armed with a handgun and an officer-involved shooting occurred,” LAPD said in a statement. “The suspect was struck by gunfire and transported to a hospital listed in stable condition.”

The officers in the crash sustained injuries and are now stable after receiving medical attention. The authorities have not disclosed any further information about the incident.

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