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Arkansas Man Killed Arkansas Friend and Chopped his Limbs after he Found out that he Raped a 6-year-old Girl

Arkansas Man Killed Arkansas Friend and Chopped his Limbs after he Found out that he Raped a 6-year-old Girl

Little Rock, AR: A man from Arkansas has admitted to his role in the abduction and murder of another man who raped a girl when the girl was 6 years old.

On Friday, court documents revealed that 43-year-old Reginald Larue Baker received a 60-year jail term for three counts of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and aggravated house burglary. All told, he served 861 days in prison.

He and his 45-year-old co-defendant, Daniel Paul Blanks, were allegedly present at a birthday celebration on October 27, 2021, with Richard Phillips, 39, and a teenage girl. Baker and Blanks were informed by the girl that Phillips had sexually assaulted her when she was six years old, as per the investigation.

Angry, Baker allegedly snatched a knife from the kitchen and threatened to murder Phillips; he had dated Phillips’ wife before. The minor girl allegedly informed authorities that she had the power to calm Baker down and convince him not to hurt Phillips physically.

However, on the evening of November 23, 2021, a call was received by the Springfield Police Department. According to Phillips’ buddy who informed the cops, two individuals stormed into his apartment and viciously assaulted him.

According to officials, Phillips was accused of sexually abusing a little girl by the two as they beat him unconscious. Officials said the suspects lowered Phillips’ body from the third-floor flat and put it in a vehicle.

A path of blood was found by the responding authorities, which extended from the front entrance to the location where the suspects’ car was parked, according to the buddy.

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On November 27, 2021, a party of hunters in Missouri’s Mark Twain National Forest found Phillips’s corpse in a densely wooded location. Reportedly, Phillips had been nailed to the ground, brutally assaulted, and shot several times. Reportedly, his body had also been mutilated.

According to reports, investigators found text communications between the child and Baker on the girl’s phone. According to the police, when Phillips vanished, the girl contacted Baker to inquire about his involvement, to which Baker denied any wrongdoing.

The authorities, however, claimed that they positively identified the suspect’s vehicle and found blood on the bed of Blanks’ truck. Without a hitch, authorities reportedly apprehended Baker and Blanks after seeing them sitting in Baker’s truck on the property.

Authorities believe the murder occurred in Arkansas, so that’s where the men were supposed to stand trial. On September 20th, there will be a status hearing for Blanks.

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