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Arizona Republicans are urging Hobbs to approve border laws after facing resistance to her veto

Arizona Republicans are urging Hobbs to approve border laws after facing resistance to her veto

Arizona Republicans plan to introduce further concurrent resolutions to advance border security legislation.

The legislators convened a press conference on Monday morning to outline the further actions needed to achieve their objectives. Republicans highlighted many proposals they want the governor to approve, such as those increasing penalties for fentanyl-related offenses, regulating social media use in cartel operations, and implementing measures against child trafficking.

Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed Republican Sen. Janae Shamp’s “Arizona Border Invasion Act,” making it the first veto of the legislative session.

In her veto letter of Senate Bill 1231, Hobbs expressed that the bill does not effectively protect the border, poses risks to communities and businesses in the state, and creates challenges for law enforcement and the state legal system.

The law aimed to criminalize entering Arizona through an unauthorized entry point.

Shamp stated that their goal is to advocate for the residents of Arizona.

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Gina Swoboda stated during the news conference that the Biden administration is deliberately failing.

The legislators observed that many concurrent resolutions regarding border issues are set to go on the ballot in November. They said that further resolutions may be introduced if Hobbs persists in vetoing their bills.

Shamp and several other Republican senators displayed signs in opposition of Hobbs during a press conference she appeared at last week over contraception availability.

Last year, the governor caused controversy by vetoing more than 140 laws favored by Republicans, including those concerning the border and illegal immigration.

Hobbs has criticized the Biden administration’s management of the problem and mobilized National Guard troops after the temporary shutdown of Lukeville Port of Entry. However, she has also clashed with Republicans on the most effective approach to address the issue.

The Tucson sector in Arizona is among the most active in the country for migrant encounters, according per data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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