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Arizona Man accused of Sextortion and Soliciting Arrested, School Teacher also Arrested for Hindering Investigation

Arizona Man accused of Sextortion and Soliciting Arrested, School Teacher also Arrested for Hindering Investigation

Peoria, AZ: The authorities in Arizona have arrested a man and a woman. The woman is accused of hindering the investigation regarding the detained man involved in sextortion. He is accused of soliciting sexually explicit images and videos of many teenage males for financial gain.

The woman is a teacher at the Peoria school where the man worked.

Patrick Battillo, 37, better known as Mr. ORNG, and Holly Holgate, 46, are both facing multiple charges related to the alleged offenses, according to the authorities.

Peoria High School employee Battillo was the subject of a sexual offense investigation that was notified to authorities at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the Peoria Police Department.

When teachers at Peoria High School learned that Battillo had reportedly demanded money in return for several sexually explicit images and videos taken by students, they alerted the school’s resource officer.

Peoria police spoke with victims and found evidence that Battillo had solicited sexually explicit material from at least one teen boy, which he had planned to sell to an “unknown older woman.” After sending the films to the “woman,” Battillo pretended to be a “middleman” and promised to pay the students.

A student at Peoria High School, Holgate, learned that the “woman” was Battillo after one of his fellow students discovered this. The victim was sent to the office by Holgate, who informed her that she would inform Battillo about the accusations.

Following this, Holgate informed Battillo of the accusations and the involvement of the police. She informed the authorities about Battillo, but he escaped before they could question him.

After some time, authorities in Goodyear were able to locate and apprehend Battillo. At the school, Holgate was apprehended. “He started to become defensive” when asked by police about his involvement with youngsters, according to court documents. His right to an attorney was then exercised.

Battillo spent some time as a volunteer in Holgate’s class during her twenty years of teaching at Peoria High School. The boys’ basketball team was also coached by Battillo.

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They are both currently on leave until the criminal inquiry is concluded as per FOX10 Phoenix.

On allegations of obstructing prosecution and failing to disclose child abuse, Holgate was released on a $25,000 secured bail. Child sex trafficking and soliciting a juvenile for sexual exploitation are the allegations against Battillo, who is now being held on a $100,000 bond.

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