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Arizona Election Interference Case: 18 Indicted, Major Trump Supporters Giuliani and Meadows Indicted

Arizona Election Interference Case: 18 Indicted, Major Trump Supporters Giuliani and Meadows Indicted

Phoenix, AZ: Former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and 16 other individuals have been indicted by an Arizona grand jury for their involvement in an effort to reverse Trump’s defeat to Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

The accusation, which was made public on Wednesday, identifies 11 Republicans who falsified their declaration of Trump’s victory in Arizona in 2020 by submitting a paper to Congress. The individuals implicated in the case are the former head of the state party, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2022, and two current state politicians. They are facing charges of conspiracy, fraud, and forgery, each amounting to nine counts.

The identities of seven additional defendants, namely Giuliani and Meadows, were not promptly divulged due to the pending service of the aforementioned documents. The defendants may be easily recognized based on the provided descriptions.

Trump, although not officially charged, was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator.

Arizona’s indictments mark the fourth instance in which supporters of the former president have been accused of making unfounded or unverified allegations of voter fraud in connection with the election. In anticipation of a probable November rematch with Biden, Trump persists in disseminating falsehoods on the previous election, which are echoed by a significant number of his followers.

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The indictment refers to Giuliani as a lawyer who was frequently associated with the Mayor and disseminated unfounded accusations of electoral misconduct. Meadows is described as Trump’s “chief of staff in 2020,” indicating another defendant.

Additional unidentified defendants include Mike Roman, who served as the director of Election Day operations under President Trump; John Eastman, a legal professional who formulated a strategic plan to influence Congress into refraining from certifying the election; and Christina Bobb, a lawyer who collaborated with Mayor Giuliani.

Charles Burnham, the attorney for Eastman, asserted that his client is not guilty. Neither Bobb nor the lawyer representing Roman in a lawsuit in Georgia responded to a text message requesting comment.

According to George Terwilliger, Meadows’ lawyer, he has not yet seen the indictment. However, if Meadows is identified, he believes that the claim is overtly political and politicized, and will be challenged and ultimately unsuccessful. Ted Goodman, the political consultant to Giuliani, expressed strong disapproval towards what he referred to as the ongoing process of weaponizing our legal system.

Reference: AP News

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