Another Large Scale Payoff Announced by a Timber Manufacturer in Alabama

Another Large Scale Payoff Announced by a Timber Manufacturer in Alabama

A substantial number of workers will be laid off when a timber plant in Chapman closes its doors in January 2024.
Boise Cascade Company, a manufacturer of plywood and engineered wood products in North America, announced yesterday that it would be permanently reducing the amount of timber it produces at one of its facilities. It’s crucial to remember that the plywood operations at the Chapman location will continue unabated; this restriction solely impacts the production of timber.
The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act mandates that employers with more than 100 full-time workers give 60 days’ notice before terminating 50 or more people at one location.

Boise Cascade has notified the Alabama Department of Commerce that on January 28, 2024, it will be terminating 72 workers from its Chapman facility.

“The team has worked diligently every day; however, a combination of challenges, including required future investments and overall profitability, has led to this decision. It was a difficult and unfortunate decision, but after evaluating a number of factors over the past year, it is not feasible to continue operating at an efficient level. We understand the impact that this shutdown has on our employees and their families,” said senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations Chris Seymour.

More than 4000 people in Alabama have already lost their jobs in 2023 compared to the 880 that were reported in 2022.

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