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These Are The 5 Best Animal Stories in 2023; See Photos

These Are The 5 Best Animal Stories in 2023; See Photos

Animals love the attention. And their playful acts never fail to gather everyone’s reaction. Every day, we hear or see animal stories. Here, I have listed the 5 best animal stories that blessed our everyday routines with some fun laughs.

Scroll down and check the adorable stories that gathered attention and made everyone fall in love with these god’s creations.

The Puppy Bus

The “puppy bus” became very popular on the internet. Dogs in icy Alaska were seen in several TikToks waiting to be picked up by Mo Mountain Mutts, a dog walking and training service.

A dog resting in the snow started wagging its tail as the bus approached, according to several recordings of canines independently climbing the bus’s stairs and finding their seats.

Bald Eagles Keeping Warm Their Eggs

The bald eagles Jackie and Shadow had been incubating a pair of eggs in Big Bear, but they were unaffected by the epic winter storm that dumped at least 45 inches of snow on the area in February.

Friends of Big Bear Valley recorded a live video of one of the eagles warming eggs encased in a thick coating of snow, while it gazed out over the snow-capped mountains. Birds are hardy enough to withstand the bitter cold, even if Big Bear has been experiencing below-freezing nightly temperatures.

Playful Coyotes

In June a group of coyotes was seen outside a Montecito Heights residence.

The mother coyote was observed on a house security camera waiting outside on the driveway. Following their quick appearance on video, other puppies quickly follow their mother and their siblings outside.

In the footage, at least six puppies can be seen playing and running around until they eventually follow their mother into the night.

Adorable Otter being a Surfboard Thief

Several camera footage taken in Santa Cruz, California, depicted a Southern sea otter stealing surfboards.

According to reports, Otter 841 interacted with people on multiple occasions during the summer. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service condemned the activity and advised people to avoid the animal, even though many individuals thought the interactions were charming or humorous.

Hank the Tank

A bear in South Lake Tahoe, California, gained the moniker “Hank the Tank” following complaints from officials that the male bear was responsible for “152 reports of conflict behavior.”

The major culprit was a female bear, whose three cubs accompanied her on her missions. However, it turned out that it was three different adult bears entering the town.

Nevertheless, “Hank,” or Bear 64F, was in charge of at least 21 burglaries. Her usual course of action would have been euthanasia, but public opposition stopped that.

Rather, sanctuaries became the new home for her and her three cubs.


This year brought several animal stories into the mainstream media. We hope such animal incidents keep us smiling all around the next year. Till then check out the above photos and share them with your animal-loving buddies.

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