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Ambulance & Loaded School Bus Hit By Drunken Driver in Florida

Ambulance & Loaded School Bus Hit By Drunken Driver in Florida

A man from New York allegedly collided with an ambulance while under the influence, endangering the patient being transported. When attempting to escape, he reportedly collided with a school bus carrying 35 children.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook the incident involving 43-year-old Joseph Saladino, where the ambulance failed to stop him but the school bus did. A man faces charges related to a series of events that occurred in the southeast region of Florida this week. The charges include DUI with property damage, leaving the scene of a crash, and leaving the scene of a crash with injuries.

Joseph Saladino, 43

Saladino reportedly left the scene of the accident involving the ambulance, but witnesses provided deputies with a detailed description of the car that fled – and it turned out to be the same one that had collided with the school bus.

Deputies noted that Saladino expressed significant worry about being incarcerated due to his urgent need to return to New York. He was taken to the Martin County Jail.

The school bus driver received medical treatment for injuries that were not life-threatening and was subsequently discharged from the hospital.

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